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From Mike Wertheim>
Subject increase in file descriptor use from Tomcat 7.0.21 to 7.0.23
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 01:05:27 GMT
I have a web app that has been running on Tomcat 7.0.21 with APR 1.4.2
and Tomcat Native 1.1.20 on 64-bit Java on CentOS Linux.

I upgraded half of my servers to Tomcat 7.0.23 and left the other half
at 7.0.21.  I copied the modified server.xml, context.xml and web.xml
files from the 7.0.21 directories to the 7.0.23 directories, so the
configurations are identical.

The 7.0.21 servers have on average about 10000 file descriptors open.
The 7.0.23 servers have on average about 15000 file descriptors open.
These numbers are what I get from running this shell command: ls -l
/proc/[pid]/fd | wc -l

All of the servers are getting about the same amount of traffic.  The
only difference is the Tomcat version.

Can anyone explain why Tomcat 7.0.23 would have 50% more file descriptors open?

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