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From Ellecer Valencia <>
Subject Parallel deployment - can we use JMX to monitor old and new versions of a webapp?
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 06:31:29 GMT

We're looking into the parallel deployment feature of Tomcat 7 and
want to see if there is a way to monitor performance stats of an old
deployment of a webapp.

Our webapp has a few pages that display application-specific
information - performance indicators, recent exceptions, cache
information - and when the new version of a webapp is deployed, we
still want to be able to monitor this info for the old webapp  (eg, be
able to view the monitoring info for both foo##001.war [old] and
foo##002.war [new])

>From the testing we've done, it looks like the only way to be able to
view a page in the older app after the new app is deployed is if we
already have a session open on the old one. The admin interface is
actually a set of iframes, with each iframe viewing a specified page
on each of the machines in the cluster. The problem is if the browser
crashes or is accidentally closed.

Would using JMX allow us to view this information for the two webapp
versions without being dependent on user sessions?  How would we
distinguish between status info coming from the old and new webapp
versions? We haven't had experience using this before, so we're not
too clear on what it allows us to do and what it entails.

Yes, it sorta begs the question as to why we need to monitor an app
that is being replaced anyway, and no longer accessible once existing
sessions are closed. Anyway, we'd still like to know. =) In any case
if it ends up being too much work then we'll just go with the first



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