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Subject Re: Tomcat-7.0.23 startup deadlocks
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 00:01:58 GMT
"Zampani, Michael" <> wrote:

>I'm trying to upgrade an existing webapp installation from 7.0.22 ->
>On startup, it appears to deadlock, with the threads stuck in
>server.xml and thread dump attached.
>Note that I do not define any <Realm>s in server.xml
>The webapp is simple and contains only static html, js, css, and
>Copying the web.xml from the example webapp shipped with tomcat seems
>to fix it, but this worked in previous versions of Tomcat.
>Not sure if it's relevant, but it is the ROOT webapp.
>I've attached a sample WAR file to reproduce it.  It should work fine
>once deployed.  Remove WEB-INF/web.xml and restart Tomcat to see it
>Any ideas?
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Attachments are usually blocked. Better to paste in-line.

Is there an actual deadlock or do things just seem to stop moving forwards?

Possible causes:
- threaded container starts (although they are still single threaded by default)
- caching of global web.xml to improve start times
- changes to redeployment code to correctly redeploy on context.xml changes

If adding an empty web.xml works around this then at least there is a simple fix for anyone
that hits this issue (whatever it is).


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