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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Tomcat None Page Pool creeps up until OS crashes
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 10:14:59 GMT
On 29/11/2011 09:32, Doron Tsur wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 9:52 AM, Pid * <> wrote:
>> On 28 Nov 2011, at 18:09, Doron Tsur <> wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> I've been having an issue in one of our production servers. The Non Paged
>>> Pool creeps up slowly until the system hangs and than crash.
>>> Tomcat: 6.0.16
>> So the latest release is 6.0.33. Yours is over 3 years old.
>>> Java: 1.5.16
>> Java 5 is no longer supported, and your version is old, even so.
>>> OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2
>>> This is a production server that uses high bandwidth. Poking around
>>> Poolmon.exe I was able to find that
>>> 1. the AfdP tag is consuming a lot of NP (Non Paged) pool.
>>> 2. This is a tag concerning the windows socket driver (afd.sys).
>>> 3. I have seen an Microsoft hotfix which seems to be related to this
>> issue
>>> . The only issue is that the
>> afd.sys
>>> file mention in the hotfix is from a previous version from the one
>>> installed. 5.2.3790.4008 vs  5.2.3790.4898
>> ... right.

I re-read the above KB article.  That patch is dated 2007.  Are you sure
it isn't already installed on your system?

If you haven't patched that server since 2007 you have bigger problems
than one Java process consuming more memory than expected.

>>> We have many production server running our tomcat. 

Excellent.  Hopefully you'll be updating them to a more recent version
than the pre-stable one you're using now?

>> We have only encountered
>>> this issue in two of them, those servers have the same OS/Java/Tomcat
>>> installed. One server uses high bandwidth and the other uses much less.

So does the other one crash too?

>>> Here I am mumbling about Microsoft and win socket what do I want from you
>>> guys?
>> Good question.
>>> As far as I understand the issue is can happen in 3 areas. The java part
>>> interfacing with the driver, the driver it's self and the network card
>>> interfacing with the driver. I say tomcat because this is the process
>> that
>>> consumes all  NP pool (about 170MB). I would like to explore with you
>> guys
>>> the Tomcat to winsock option
>>> 1. Have you ever encountered this issue?
>> Which issue, exactly?

> Issue is Non Paged pool of tomcat increases until the OS crashes

Please enable JMX and use a tool like JConsole (found in the JDK/bin
directory) to connect to Tomcat and observe the memory used in different
areas of the process.

As per my suggestion, below.


>>> 2. Do you know of any application level/Tomcat configuration work around
>> to
>>> solve this issue?
>>> 3. Do you think that there is something wrong in the way Tomcat
>> interfaces
>>> with winsock?
>> Tomcat doesn't. Java does.
>>> 4. Do you believe that Tomcat APR might resolve this issue?
>> Not sure I understand what the issue is.
>>> Any tip or information about this issue will be highly appreciated, I've
>>> scattered the web and banging my head over this issue for a long time.
>> How are you starting Tomcat, e.g. using the service wrapper?
>> Enable JMX (there's notes on and use JConsole to
>> observe memory usage inside the JVM.
>> If any of the JVM memory areas shows that it's consuming more memory,
>> the app has a memory leak.
>> If not, you have confirmed that the issue is outside Java.
>> p
>>> Good Day,
>>> qballer
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