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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Single POST request being handled twice
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2011 15:48:07 GMT
On 19.11.2011 06:07, Jeremy wrote:
> OK, we figured it out.  It's a case of too many timeout settings and not
> having a real DevOps person on hand.  There was an obvious error message in
> Apache's mod_jk.log that I failed to correlate with the problem because I
> misread the timestamp on one of the many log entries.  Doh!
> [info] ajp_connection_tcp_get_message::jk_ajp_common.c (1150): (node5)
> can't receive the response header message from tomcat, network problems or
> tomcat (10.xx.xx.xx:8009) is down (errno=11)
> [error] ajp_get_reply::jk_ajp_common.c (1962): (node5) Tomcat is down or
> refused connection. No response has been sent to the client (yet)
> [info] ajp_service::jk_ajp_common.c (2447): (node5) sending request to
> tomcat failed (recoverable),  (attempt=1)
> There is, I now see, a socket_timeout and a socket_connect_timeout that do
> not show up in the jkmanager status page, in addition to
> connection_pool_timeout, connect_timeout,  prepost_timeout, and
> reply_timeout which are listed by jkmanager.
> We had socket_timeout set to 10 seconds and I didn't know it. Our
> transactions only take longer than 10 seconds a few times a week, so that's
> why we weren't seeing it that often.
> We'll fix by setting:
>      socket_timeout=90
>      socket_connection_timeout=5000
>      retry_options=25
> unless someone has a better idea.

Have a look at the example configuration conatined in the mod_jk source 
download tarball. It provides a pretty decent default configuration.

It is "recovery_options" not "retry_options". Furthermore I personally 
do not recommend the general "socket_timeout", but I *do* recommend to 
use all other timeouts with appropriate values. There's more info on 
Timeouts at



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