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From Pid <>
Subject Re: How to get the tomcat internal log out?
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2011 15:37:47 GMT
On 26/11/2011 05:31, MiB wrote:
> 25 nov 2011 14.37 Christopher Schultz wrote:
>> +1
>> Any webapp that runs on 5.5 that doesn't run on Tomcat 7 represents
>> either a regression in Tomcat or a webapp that has been tied-into
>> Tomcat's internal classes (which it shouldn't have been).
> Running is not the issue here, is it? Internal logs are.

The point was made to address a previous answer, in which the OP stated
that their apps were 'designed to run on tc 5 or 6'.

> Not everyone can update to Tomcat 7 midproduction.

For sure.  That hasn't been raised as an issue yet though.

> However, there are modern web applications made with certain frameworks
> that will not run on 5.5 and must use 6 or later. If so there's no
> alternative to update tomcat. But what does this fact have to do with
> logging?

Nothing, as explained above.

AFAICT the OP hasn't really explained their need to get more detailed
logging data, or why they can't configure it using the file (as indicated in an earlier part of the thread).




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