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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Babysitting ThreadLocals
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 16:57:02 GMT
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On 11/23/11 11:46 AM, chris derham wrote:
> If you do this, and fine that creating these objects is taking more
> time, then perhaps one method would be to use a weak object
> reference to the thread local. That way you would get the best of
> both worlds - no memory leak and reduced creation of
> SimpleDateFormat.

I hadn't thought of using a WeakReference. I wonder how often the GC
would kill the reference between requests, though. We only get one
maybe every 10 seconds or so right now, so it's possible that we'd
have the memory churn associated with creating a new object for every
request anyway.

> However most people coding probably won't know what a ThreadLocal 
> class is/does, let alone a Weak memory reference. IMO it would be 
> easier just to code the easy way

Yeah, this is definitely over-engineered at this point, especially
given that it's not actually working the way it should (that is, we've
got a memory leak).

I think I'll look into the commons-lang date formatter to see if
there's any reason to use it instead of SimpleDateFormat. If it
performs reasonably under load (that is, doesn't have much in the way
of synchronization and creates fewer objects than "new
SimpleDateFormat") then I'll probably go with that... we already have
a dependency on that library, anyway.

- -chris
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