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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: SSL for modjk and tomcat
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 10:17:38 GMT
Harsimranjit singh Kler wrote:
> Hi
> I am using httpd 2.2.17 modjk 1.2.30 tomcat 6.0.I want to enable SSL in my
> setup.
> i Am able to successfully on httpd.but there is lot of confusion how to
> enable between httpd to AJP  & AJP to tomcat.
There is no confusion. You can't do that. There is no SSL variant of the AJP protocol.

> There is not specific documentation also.

For the same reason.

> 1) what are step for modjk configurations?
> 2)Is AJP support SSL?

No. That should have been the first question.

> 3)Changes in server.xml for AJP port to support SSL requests via modjk?
None, see above.

Note : what you /can/ do, is to use mod_jk to pass all relevant SSL information about the

original client<->Apache connection, to Tomcat, via HTTP headers.

Additional note : of course, if you would really must do this, you could still run the 
mod_jk-to-Tomcat connection over an SSL tunnel.  But that would be something set up 
totally outside of Apache, Tomcat and their configuration.

browser <-- HTTPS -->  apache + mod_jk -> localhost:localport1

localport1 <-- SSL tunnel --> remoteport1 --> remote AJP port 8009 --> Tomcat

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