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From "Chris Moore" <>
Subject RE: System.out is not going to catalina.out
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 00:53:37 GMT
Thanks to everyone that offered suggestions.  I upgraded to Tomcat 7.  I
tried various logging options, and all kinds of changes to  I tried changing the way the Tomcat daemon is started.
I tried running Tomcat in the foreground instead of as a daemon.

In the end it turned out to be a stupid mistake, as I suspected it would be.
The problem was in the ant script that was building my WAR.  It was picking
up an old jar instead of the latest files, so I essentially wasn't changing
anything when I made changes and redeployed.

All is working now.  I've got logging working through slf4j, Hibernate is
persisting objects, and everything is good.


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From: Chris Moore [] 
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2011 10:30 AM
Subject: System.out is not going to catalina.out


I'm new to using tomcat.  I've done some developing with Google App Engine,
but I'm looking to

host something on my own system instead of theirs.


My system is running Ubuntu 10.04.3.  Tomcat is 6.0.24, JVM is 1.6.0_20-b20.


I've written my app using GWT 2.4.0.  I'm also trying to use Hibernate and
MySQL for the back end.

This is my first time with Hibernate as well, so I'm still coming up to
speed with getting that configured

and working.


I can run my application in dev mode under Eclipse, with Hibernate
configured to connect to the mysql

server, and it works fine.  But when host the application under Tomcat on
the server it doesn't actually

update the database.  It seems to work, I get no errors or stack traces, but
the data never gets updated.


That leads to the real question I'm asking for help with - I can't seem to
get any kind of logging to work,

including simply writing to System.out.  All the documentation I can find
says that System.out should get

written to catalina.out, but I'm not seeing it.   I do see "deploying" and
"undeploying" messages in

catalina.out, so I know I've got the right file and it is getting logged to,
but I don't see anything else there.


I've tried changing to specify level=ALL for everything,
thinking maybe the output was

getting filtered, but that didn't help.


Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong?  Is my System.out going
somewhere else?  


I'm generally pretty good at working out problems for myself, but with no
error messages and no way to 

get any kind of logging I'm stuck.  If someone could help me at least get
logging working I can probably

work the rest out.





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