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From Ellecer Valencia <>
Subject Rollback in Tomcat7 under parallel deployment
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 06:41:44 GMT

If I'm using parallel deployment in Tomcat 7, and now have 2 webapps


and then get problems in the new version and want to rollback to ROOT##001.war.

If I delete the more recent version by doing

rm /tomcat/webapps/ROOT##002.war

What happens to the sessions that are being serviced by #002 once the
file is removed?  Will #002 still be around to service these sessions
expire, or does Tomcat remove all these sessions instantly?

Also, what happens if ROOT##001 and ##002 have the same log4j configs
and are writing to the same log file?? How have people handled this

thanks for you help,


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