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From Alexander Knöller <>
Subject Re: parallel webapp initialization
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2011 08:17:35 GMT
Hi Mark.

I'd like to give it a try.
If I can't find time to do it I'll send an email.


Am 09.10.2011 um 18:32 schrieb Mark Thomas:

> On 09/10/2011 13:55, Alexander Knöller wrote:
>> Hello mailing list.
>> We use a single tomcat instance (soon switching from 5.5.23 to 7.x) with 24 webapps.
Each webapp is based on spring and hibernate doing a lot of I/O during initialization.
>> Tomcat is often restarted which causes long downtimes.  As far as i can see the tomcat
initializes its wepapps sequentially. So despite the fact, that our tomcat-intance runs on
a 8 core linux system, tomcat seems to use a single thread to initalize the webapps.
>> Is there a way on tomcat 7 to make it initialize webapps in parallel?
> Nope.
>> Or is there a basic obstacle?
> Not that I can think of off the top of my head. Just that no-one has
> felt the need to scratch that particular itch.
> Both start and stop needs to be taken care of.
> If you want to propose a patch, this might provide a starting point:
> I've added some review comments to that patch that you may want to
> consider when writing a patch.
> If you need any help with the patch, just ask here.
> Thinking about this has got me interested. If you decide not to take a
> look at writing a patch for this, I'll probably take a look - maybe
> later this week.
> Mark
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