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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Error message - website login
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 20:32:37 GMT
Ann Ramsey wrote:
> Can you help me with this error message please? All the other computers in
> our office can get access - this is a client website, so I need help with my
> computer.
> Thanks,
> Ann
>  HTTP Status 403 - Access is denied
> ------------------------------
> *type* Status report
> *message* *Access is denied*
> *description* *Access to the specified resource (Access is denied) has been
> forbidden.*
> ------------------------------
> Apache Tomcat/6.0.28

Assuming this is your one and original question, and forgetting for the moment all the 
mis-targeted answers and messages,

The above error means :

1) that the Tomcat server which you are trying to access, for the URL that you are trying

to access on it, has what is called "security constraints".
In other words, it can only be accessed by certain users after they login, or maybe only 
by certain workstations within a certain range of IP adresses or some similar constraint.

2) that the workstation which you are using does not meet these constraints, and as a 
result Tomcat rejects the access attempt.

More than this, one cannot say, because you do not provide enough information for anyone 
to say more.

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