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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Is incoming connection request queue totally ordered?
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 20:23:55 GMT
Ann Ramsey wrote:
> Listen, the answers were all Greek to me. If you guys are going to REALLY
> help non-IT people deal with TomCat, you might want to speak English in your
> responses, so that we know if you're addressing our problem or not.

Well, all I can say is that it doesn't really look like you've figured it out.
The way to use a mailing list, I mean.

Detailed explanation : after all the responses you have sent to various unrelated threads

on this mailing list, it has now become a bit confusing which problem was yours, and who 
figured out what.  You have probably also confused a number of other people who have asked

their own questions, but for which you have now answered (in their name) that you figured

it out, thank you.

A mailing list such as this one (and most other similar ones) is a bit different from a 
chat forum.  When someone has a question, they send a message, with a subject.
The people trying to help here (all volunteers, doing this on their own free time), answer

  the questions individually, *by subject*, taking care to reply only to each message 
individually, and preserving the original subject of the particular message to which they

are responding.  That helps keeping things organised, so that the person who asked the 
original question would actually find the answers to their own question, by looking at the

sequence of messages that have their original subject.

In other words, maybe what got you confused is that you thought that all these messages 
were answering your original question, when in reality each one was answering another 
question from someone else. Not so ?

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