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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Configure tomcat using init.d
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2011 15:11:20 GMT
ettoregia wrote:
> Hi guys,
> hope you're all doing well.
> Today I'm facing a new challenge, at least for myself.
> My system: Linux, the version I'don't know how to realize, since I've got
> just an ssh connection and typing some command I've not been able to
> discover it, maybe you can help me out on this as well.
> Tomcat 6.0.18
> Java 1.6
> Alright, I need to deploy .war file under tomcat that actually has 4 engines
> (5.5, 6.0.16, 6.0.18, 7.0), and as I'm used to, I would put under
> /conf/Catalina/localhost, of the engine 6.0.18, a file called
> <myAppName>.xml to specify the context path of my webApp then I would modify
> the server.xml to specify the jdbc connection and the like. As I've no
> rights to modify anything under the tomcat's home the IT guy told me to use
> the folder init.d/<myAppName> in order to use any script at boot time to
> accomplish the configuration above.
> Here comes the problem. I've checked on the web, but the main use of init.d,
> is to make tomcat a linux service using some shell scripting language, but
> what about the deploy and jdbc configuration? 
> I could not ask the IT guys because we communicate through a ticketing
> system and btw they are not so willing to...
> Do you have any clue? 
 From the situation that you describe above, let me give you a personal and practical 
answer and recommendation : get your boss to talk to the boss of these IT guys, and give 
you a practical access level to that system, or else you will not be able to solve these 
issues in any practical time.
People here are also not going to be able to help you in any practical time, because by 
not having access to the Tomcat directories, you will not be able to provide answers to 
the questions being asked.

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