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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Pound Signs in Context/Paths
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2011 16:08:07 GMT

[OT] How do you manage to send the text of your messages in "quoted-printable" form ?

Richard W. Adams wrote:
> My Tomcat Version: (running under Jboss)
> I'm trying to understand the script we use to deploy to our Tomcat server. 
> =
> The scripts uses pound signs (#) instead of slashes in the path to the WAR 
> =
> file being deployed. Let me first be clear:  The script works. What I=20
> DON'T understand is why, or the purpose of the pound signs.  I tried=20
> searching the Web for documentation on the use of the pound signs, but=20
> came up dry.  I'm concerned that we might be using an undocumented feature 
> =
> that could break in future versions of Tomcat.
> Can anyone point me to official documentation about pound signs (#) in=20
> Tomcat paths/contexts?
You are right, this is not particularloy easy to find.
Several mentions to the use of "#" in paths are made in this section of the on-line 

I do not really understand it very well myself, but as a starter to dig further :
If you use "foo#bar.war" a .war file name, and you drop this .war file in Tomcat's webapps

directory, it will be deployed at the path (tomcat_dir)/webapps/foo/bar/.

So it's a "trick" when you actually want to deploy an application that way, because of 
course you cannot name your war file "foo/bar.war".
And you can also not drop a "bar.war" file in the directory (tomcat_dir)/webapps/foo/, 
because it would never get deployed.

I know that this is a very limited way to describe this feature, but maybe someone else 
here will point you to further info of interest.

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