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From Casper Wandahl Schmidt <>
Subject Re: URL "simplification"
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2011 14:12:03 GMT
Hi Léa

Here are some links I've used to setup tomcat and apache together (although it's for linux most 
should be good for windows as well) 
(about the virtual hosting Francis talks about) (also about hosting)

Hope this helps :)

Kind regards

Den 10-10-2011 16:04, Léa Massiot skrev:
> Thank you all for your answers.
> @Mark
> Yes indeed fundamentally three operations...
> 1. I guess you can only have one ROOT WebApp not several...
> It's not ok for me, I have several WebApps I want to treat that way.
> @Francis
> Francis wrote:
>> Apache and configure a vhost with proxying
> That looks promissing.
> I have Apache installed but I noticed Tomcat is working on its own.
> (When I stop Apache, Tomcat goes on working properly).
> I guess I would need to make the two work together...
> Can you point me to a good ressource/tutorial?
> @Darril
> For now, I'm working on Windows.
> When in production, the WebApp will probably be deployed on a Unix server.
> For now, no iptables with Windows. Is there a workaround?
> I'm interested in Francis' proposal... please can you give me more details?
> Thanks!
> --
> Léa

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