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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: ISAPI Redicect - Request Entitiy too large
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2011 13:27:05 GMT
Rainer Jung wrote:
> On 06.10.2011 10:17, Alexander Diedler wrote:
>> Yes, that´s it. We changed the size to 12k and everything works fine.
>> It is a lot tricky, that the default value is not fitting in a default
>> environment.

Increasing the max_packet_size beyond what is normally needed in most cases, probably 
causes some additional memory overhead, which is why the default size is what it is.

Yours is not really a "default environment".  I have many servers running within a similar

environment (large company, Windows Domain authentication, IIS/Apache + AJP + Tomcat, 
default mod_jk/isapi_redirect settings) which do not experience that problem.
(And some of your clients do not experience it either).
In this particular case, some of your clients experience the problem because (as Chris 
pointed out) their particular user-id triggers a very large "Authorization:" header.

This being said, Chris's comment was very informative, because I also did not know that 
the user's group membership may be a factor in that header size.  That is the kind of 
information that may save a lot of time some day.  Thanks, Chris.

>> Thanks to all for your help.
> I improved logging in this situation a bit for the next release, e.g.
> giving size and name of the failing header and adding a hint for
> max_packet_size. 

That's a very good idea, because right now, what heppens is that prcisely the header which

causes the problem does not appear in the log, even at the highest log setting.

The problem is not unusual, so a hint about the likely
> cause is appropriate.
> See:
> Will be in 1.2.33.

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