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From Dark Before Dawn <>
Subject Tomcat 7 Embedded: Manager *additional info*
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2011 17:39:32 GMT
Hi guys *kick* :)

I have additional info on this topic.
When deploying a webapp to an embedded tomcat server via ANT and listen 
all webapps via ANT afterwards, I noticed that the path information is 
completely missing for the freshly deployed webapp. In this case /test.
I think I missed to setup a path directive?!

      [LIST] OK - Listed applications for virtual host localhost
      [LIST] /test:running:0:test

Java Code:

Am 27.09.2011 16:46, schrieb Dark Before Dawn:
> Hi guys,
> I am sorry to resurrect this topic, but I got stuck for weeks now.
> I would like to provide an embedded Tomcat 7 instance in my JavaSE 1.6 
> application (diploma thesis). This instance should run the 
> Manager-Application for easy War-Deployment via ANT.
> With help of this mailing-list I managed to create a privilged context 
> which hosts the HTMLManagerServlet and the ManagerServlet.
> Both show up correctly when browsing:
> http://localhost:8080/manager/html/
> http://localhost:8080/manager/text/
> I guess the Deployer is running too => 
> stdHost.addLifecycleListener(new HostConfig());
> Problem 1:
> ANT Script & ManagerServlet(Text): It is possible to 
> deploy/undeploy/start/stop a Webapplication via ANT.
> When deploying a WAR-file via Ant the file will be uploaded to webapps 
> folder and expanded afterwards. The ANT-script terminates successful 
> without warning.
> When browsing the HTMLManagerServlet the freshly deployed webapp is 
> shown correctly in the Application list.
> => ContextPath is correct and even the DisplayName is shown correctly.
> It is possible to Start/Stop/Repload/Undeploy this freshly deployed 
> webapp(browser/ant). But it is not possible to browse this webapp, I 
> just got 404 pages.
> Problem 2:
> HTMLManagerServlet won't upload WAR-file when selecting a WAR-file not 
> located on the server.
> Message: FAIL - File upload failed, no file
> Folders:
> C:\Users\darky\AppData\Local\Temp\tc7embedded
> C:\Users\darky\AppData\Local\Temp\tc7embedded\work
> C:\Users\darky\AppData\Local\Temp\tc7embedded\webapps
> Code:
> Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
> Cheers Darky

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