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From Javier Barroso <>
Subject Re: Is it possible turn off autoincrement the port of AJP when tomcat start and port configured is in use ?
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 20:29:46 GMT
On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 9:26 PM, Konstantin Kolinko
<> wrote:
> 2011/9/2 Javier Barroso <>:
>> That mean that I can use channelSocket.maxPort in tomcat 6.0.20 ? I
>> read about an new alias maxport, but I suppose I can use still
>> channelSocket.maxPort.
> Only if you are lucky, because it depends whether port or maxPort is
> set first (in that old version of Tomcat).
> You may have better luck with upgrading *.sh scripts in bin and
> enabling CATALINA_PID file. Later versions of those scripts do check
> whether other instance is running before starting Tomcat using the
> value in CATALINA_PID file.   It might be easier to you than upgrading
> Tomcat itself.
Ok, I guess I should not have many problem from tomcat point of view
(we have a very basic (well, somethings are cluster configured and
that is not basic (should all tomcat from cluster have the same
version, or I can update one by one?))), but our customers tell us
"tested with tomcat 6.0.xx (where xx is fixed)" ..

>> Upgrading all tomcats here could be a problem
>> with applications :(
> 1. Upgrading 6.0.x to 6.0.y there should not be any issues in applications.
> The following web form allows to compare configuration files between releases:
Thank you for that link! It seems very useful

> 2. If you keep using the old version you should consider the issues listed on
Ok, I could use that as excuses for my boss (they say ("if work, don't touch"))

Thank you very much!

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