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From Russ Michaels <>
Subject Re: tomcat manager not working
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2011 14:43:08 GMT
For some reason some of the folks on the Railo list seem to have got
quite aggressive toward me due to my wording in my original post where
I said.

"I have already tried the Railo forums and been told to come here as
it is a problem with Tomcat and not Railo. "

Jordan seems to think this was directed at him, which it is not as no
name was mentioned, and certain others seem to think this
"misrepresents" the Railo list.

So I would like to  clarify this to avoid any overspill of the abuse
on to  this list, which no-one wants.
All I meant by this is that I was referred to the Tomcat list to try
and resolve a Tomcat problem, which seems perfectly normal and
acceptable to me and I have no issues with it.
In fact I am not even saying that it was anyone on the Railo list that
referred me, simply that I was referred by someone, I was posting my
issue on skype and twitter as well as the Railo list, so it could have
come from any of those sources.
Now while I can see that the statement could easily be misinterpreted
that i', saying that it was the Railo list who told me to come here,
regardless of where it came from, I have no issue issue with it at all
as I do not think there is anything wrong with referring someone to a
more appropriate list, and I am quite dumbfounded as to why anyone
else would have an issue with this, but there you go.

I hope that is now cleared up.

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