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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: CGIServlet - php
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 16:15:31 GMT
2011/9/3 throwsCode <>:

I do not quite understand you.

> I'm trying to implement PHP on tomcat 7.0.20 with no luck.  Does anyone know
> how I can tell whether the CGIServlet is running?
> I uncommented all of the sections indicated in the Tomcat document.

What sections?

What document did you read?

Have you see FAQ pages on our Wiki? IIRC somebody has described how he
did run PHP with Tomcat.

There should also be several discussions in the archives of this mailing list.

BTW, in the manager webapp if you click on "Server Status" and then on
"Complete Server Status" link, that page lists all active servlets in
every webapp.

> Though I think I am making the right call, I am receiving a 400 error.
> CALL made form file 'index.html'
>        <?php
>                include 'cgi-bin/echoInfo.php';
>        ?>

What is relation between index.html, the code fragment above and php.

index.html would be a static file, wouldn't it? Why then php code is there?

> FILE located in directory WEB-INF/cgi/echoInfo.php
>          <?php
>                   phpinfo();
>         ?>
> One other thing that concerns me.  In every other option for running php
> including Apache there is some direction with regard to where you must place
> the php.ini file.

The only thing that CGIServlet does is running external programs and
catching their output, using java.lang.Runtime.exec(). You may see the
source code.

Someone wrote that php.ini is sought in
1. Current working directory  ( System.getProperty("user.dir") will
tell you what it is)
2. In directory specified by PHPRC environment variable. ( You may set
and export one in $CATALINA_BASE/bin/ )
3. In system-specific directory specified when compiling the PHP
engine itself. ( Somewhere in /etc )

> I have found no direction for the php.ini file in the
> Tomcat documentation or on the Internet for specifically Tomcat.  Does
> anyone know how Tomcat or Eclipse, is pointed at the php.ini file?

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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