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From Patrick Flaherty <>
Subject Re: Links in CSS vs JSPs
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2011 12:55:20 GMT

On Sep 19, 2011, at 6:06 PM, André Warnier wrote:

> Christopher Schultz wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Patrick,
>> On 9/18/2011 12:55 PM, Patrick Flaherty wrote:
>>> All the skins work except image references in the style sheet (css)
>>> cannot be found. Yet images referenced in the jsps are found!
>> Your JSPs are dynamic and include the webapp prefix, since you
>> (evidently) properly prefixed and encoded your URLs (good for you).
>> Your CSS files are not dynamic and, unless you put the prefixes on
>> there, your images will not be found. Note that any included CSS  
>> files
>> will also not be found (i.e. CSS includes CSS) for the same reason.
>>> Is there a hard and fast rule here I’m missing. What’s best
>>> practice ?
>> I dunno about best practice, but we do what you are doing: put the
>> webapp prefix into the CSS files and don't forget to change it if you
>> re-locate the webapp to another prefix (which pretty much never  
>> happens).
>> There are other options that I can think of off the top of my head:
>> 1. Use the HTML <base /> tag to set the base URL in your dynamic  
>> pages.
>>   Any relative URLs will be relative to that base. This may ruin
>>   the URLs that you have carefully and properly prefixed and escaped
>>   in your JSPs, but it's an option.
>> 2. Make your CSS files dynamic: have Tomcat serve them and perform  
>> the
>>   context-path translation on the fly.
>> 3. Use server-side content filtering for .css files. This is roughly
>>   the same as #2 except that you would use a simpler string-replace
>>   mechanism instead of a fully-dynamic content-generation technology
>>   (such as JSP, etc.).
>> 4. Write a bunch of URL rewrite rules that match the CSS/image files
>>   that you know aren't in the "right" place. This is going to be
>>   a pain in the neck.
> And any of the above will cause problems if you want to give your  
> app to a graphic designer, who will move these pages to his  
> workstation and try to work on them.
>> I'm sure there are other options.
> What I do not understand here (maybe due to my lack of knowledge of  
> JSP pages logic) is why one would need to "fix" anything, if the  
> links are correctly spelled-out in the first place, taking into  
> account how a browser handles absolute/relative links.
> e.g. imagine this structure :
> (catalina_base)/webapps/
>                       myapp/ (contains *.JSP pages)
>                            /images/ (contains images)
>                            /css/ (contains stylesheets)
> If the JSP pages contain links to stylesheets located in "myapp/ 
> css", their reference should say : href(or src)="css/name-of- 
> stylesheet.css"
> If the css files in turn contain links to images, they can be  
> expressed as : src="../images/some-image.jpg"
> And so on.
> If you then move "en block" the whole "myapp" somewhere else, all  
> links should keep working just fine.
> Or does something there not work in a webapp/JSP context ?

My question was about why JSP links work *without* the app prefix and  
the CSS links do not. I think Chris' answer of the JSPs are dynamic
and intern automatically get the app prefix where CSS are not dynamic  
and therefore the CSS link has to account for the app prefix.

How it is fixed André was not the issue, but why JSP links and CSS  
links behave differently.

I will go with that explanation and appreciate your thoughts on this.

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