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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Session management issue with Tomcat
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2011 20:32:04 GMT
Just noticing something here, and ading my grain of salt :

Martin O'Shea wrote:

> The underlying principle here is that if multiple users use the same PC, 

(with or without logging out/in ?)

> maybe even the same session in a browser, a single cookie is used to store a
> userid. Various system pages have a login facility and if invoked, the
> cookie is rewritten with the current user's id. But this is where the Back
> button issue occurs so it may be that session invalidation  solve my
> problem.
I would tend to say that if multiple users use a PC, and they do not each login with their

own user-id, then the basic behaviour which you explain is to be expected.
These users share a single "user environment" on that PC, which includes the browser's 
history, cookies, and much more that that under Windows (think "recent documents", desktop


I am not sure that the issue then is at your application level or at the Tomcat level.
It is more at the general usage (and security) policies level.
Morality : don't do that.

If users do logout and login on that PC each with his own user-id, that issue would not 
exist, because Windows keeps a separate "user profile" for each of these users, so they 
would never share a cookie e.g.

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