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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat won't start
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2011 08:35:32 GMT

I think that for this issue, you would get better/quicker help from a Linux admin forum.

I am not trying to brush you off, but this looks like an issue having to do with the way 
recent versions of Linux manage "services", rather than with Tomcat itself.
The expertise of the people on this list is with Tomcat itself, rather than with all the 
different ways in which different OS-es manage such "services".

This being said, if you have problems finding out why Tomcat died in the first place, then

this would be the right list to ask.
But then, provide :
- the Tomcat version (x.y.z)
- the Java version
- the (full) OS and version
- the lines in the Tomcat log files that are relevant
(this can be in /var/log/tomcat55/*.log, or /var/log/daemon, or similar places (also 
depending on the OS))

Simon Peter Lwanjo wrote:
> Hi,
> Some help from the forum - i am relatively new to administering Tomcat.
>> Apache Tomcat on one of our Redhat Linux servers won't start. The service
>> status says "tomcat55 dead but subsys locked"
>> You cannot kill the service because the PID is not locatable.
>> Anyone?
>> Simon
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