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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: tomcat manager not working
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2011 21:57:30 GMT
Russ Michaels wrote:
> For some reason some of the folks on the Railo list seem to have got
> quite aggressive toward me due to my wording in my original post where
> I said.

I suppose that above, you mean the Tomcat list.
And I regret if I in particular may have sounded aggressive, that was not the purpose of 
my "sermon".

I was only trying to explain that, this being a Tomcat list, most of the people may not 
know anything about Railo (I certainly don't), and not have any idea about what it does to

Tomcat or its configuration files, and hence not have any initial idea what the real 
source of the problem could be.
We also have no direct access to your Tomcat host, so we cannot just browse around and try

to figure out what's wrong by ourselves.

In other words, we are really trying to help, but from a difficult starting point.
We are blind and paralytic, and you are our eyes and hands. If you want us to be able to 
help, you have to do precisely what we tell you to do, and tell us precisely what you see.

  Otherwise there is no way we can figure it out, and we will have to send you back to the

Railo list. (Not because we are mean or unhelpful, but because we have no clue).

What we should normally tell you to do, is to install another Tomcat from the Tomcat 
website, try it and see if the manager app works.  Then if it does, let you compare 
/these/ two configurations and figure out the differences by yourself.
But we are not going to do that quite yet because we like challenges, so

We would like you to start from a point which we may know about a bit better (a "more 
standard" Tomcat configuration), without asking you to undo everything and start clean. 
Then we will see if with such a configuration the manager works (like it does in the "real

standard" configuration which the normal Tomcat installer sets up). And then, gradually, 
get back to your current configuration where it /seems/ not to work.
We are hoping to be able to spot what change makes it suddenly not work as expected, or 
even if with this more basic configuration it does not work.

Right now :
- we don't know which version of Tomcat you are running
- we don't know if the Railo installer installs a full Tomcat, including a manager app or

not, and we don't know what configuration changes it makes compared to a standard Tomcat.
- we are supposing that when you issue your URL calls, it is from a browser running on the

same host as the one where you have Tomcat and Railo installed
- we are supposing that on your host, the name "localhost" is really equivalent to the IP

- after your 10th post or so, we have learned that you had 2 <Host> tags in the 
server.xml, sharing apparently the same "webapps" dir. We don't really know where that 
comes from (the standard Tomcat install configures just one Host), not if it matters here.
- we also know that after you ran the Railo installer, you also ran something else which 
we do not know either, and then you made some more changes back and forth manually to the

configuration.  That does not clarify the situation for us.
- we do not know the top path of your Tomcat installation (thus we do not know really 
where the "webapps" dir is located)


- We know that you are getting an HTTP error 404 when you try to access 
"http://localhost:8888/manager/html". So we know that a Tomcat is running, but it is not 
finding that page where it expects to find it.

At some point you have told us that, under your "webapps" directory, you have the 
following sub-directories :

The sub-directory "root" above should be "ROOT" uppercase.  It matters greatly, even under

Because if it is really "root" like you wrote, then in principle the URL which you say is

working (http://localhost:8888/index.jsp), should not be working.
And if it is really "root", then it means that either the Railo installer is broken, or 
you have somehow renamed that directory, or copied it from somewhere else without paying 
attention to case.

So please :
1) tell us the full path of the top Tomcat installation directory, amd its version if you

know it
2) stop Tomcat (telling us how you do that)
3) rename the above "webapps/root" directory to "webapps/ROOT" if necessary
4) in your (tomcat_dir)/conf/server.xml, delete or comment out the second <Host>...</Host>

section, leaving only the Host named "localhost"
5) restart Tomcat (telling us how you do that) and wait 10 sec.
6) from a browser on the same host, access "http://localhost:8888", and then redo the same

again while pressing "shift" and the "reload" icon.
If what you see is a page with a Tomcat logo and a menu on the left, then it's fine. 
Otherwise, tell us what page you do see.
7) if the page above worked fine, then click on the "Tomcat Manager" link in that menu and

tell us what happens. (You should normally get an authentication dialog).

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