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From Jens Breitenstein <>
Subject Re: cpu problem with tomcat 7.0.14
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2011 14:14:53 GMT
definitely a thread dump is required (see jstack.exe).

a) in case one CPU core is running at 100% and all others are 
considerably more or less idle it might be a garbage collection issue, 
too (enable GC logging or attach from JConsole to your process)
b) a long time ago we had an issue with the regex lib which causes a 
thread to loop infinitely when validation email adresses according to 
the RFC spec. In case its bug in your webapp simply press refresh in 
your browser and see if the next core starts looping?


Am 09.09.11 16:01, schrieb Konstantin Kolinko:
> 2011/9/9 Yavuz Sert<>
>> Hi all,
>> We have a problem with tomcat server. For hours, cpu usage for tomcat7.exe is %100.
>> I have installed processExplorer. Here is the output for tomcat threads
>> The server is Win  Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, 64 bit, 4gb tam, Intel xeon 2.67 (x2)
cpu (vmware)
>> Any idea about this?
> 1. Look into mailing list archives. You should take thread dumps (->
> FAQ) to see where threads wast their time.
> Usually such issues are caused by a bug in your own web application
> (like  while(true) {//do nothing; }).
> See in archives how other people have solved similar errors.
> 2. You have to upgrade (to latest 7.0.21). There have been a number of
> security issues fixed in later releases.
> 3. Please do not send HTML e-mails to this mailing list,
> and you cannot send images -- they are stripped off by mailing list software.
> Best regards,
> Konstantin Kolinko
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