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From Chris Burroughs <>
Subject tomcat-6 socket.soLingerOn vs connectionLinger
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 01:37:17 GMT
Looking at the Connector configuration options I'm having trouble
reconciling the description of socket.soLingerOn and connectionLinger [1]

connectionLinger: The number of milliseconds during which the sockets
used by this Connector will linger when they are closed. The default
value is -1 (socket linger is disabled).

socket.soLingerOn=(bool)Boolean value for the sockets so linger option
(SO_LINGER). Default value is true. This option is paired with the
soLingerTime value.

So it sounds like connectionLinger is just a way of setting
socket.soLingerOn, but then it would be redundant to have two options.
Are they about different sockets?  The defaults are also opposites.  If
both options affect SO_LINGER time, which takes precedence?

Also, the units of connectionLinger are milliseconds, but uses seconds, so I'm not sure how greater
than second precision could be achieved.


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