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From throwsCode <>
Subject Re: CGIServlet - php
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 18:44:44 GMT

Wow thanks Konstantin a lot of good questions and suggestions.  Please give
me some time to put together a cogent reply.  I have looked at hundreds of
documents and thousands of Internet pages so it will take me some time to
filter the ones that I thought applied and actually tried.

With regard to Tomcat 7 the main document is CGI How To (very small) this I
believe I implemented, no joy.  The second document that had some value was
the CGIServlet Class document.  I did go through FAQ and copied some stuff
but its not at my finger tips, I'll include the references in my reply.  

With regard to your comments on php.ini it is exactly this lack of clarity
that frustrates me.  You start moving each of these pieces of the puzzle to
different places in the system based on well meaning comments from the
Internet or any other source and you are sure to become lost.  Basically its
a hope I get the right combination approach.  

Don't get me wrong I am most thankful for the suggestions but it is not the
kind of direction I hope to get from an Apache project.  I know the
CGIServlet document defines itself as a beta effort - which apparently it
has been for four or five years.  I think its time for Tomcat to decide
emough already our core target market does not need this capability, drop
it; or maybe it is important to a significant portion of our market, support
it.  Living in the land of in between is serving no one well.

My desire is to make this capability available in my development environment
(Eclipse / Tomcat).  Essentially I want to test as much of the php
component/application as I can before deploying them to a client's
production environment which I doubt will be Tomcat.

Much thanks, please expect a reply to your questions by Monday.

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