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From chris derham <>
Subject Re: Parallel Deployment: Get Context Version #
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 23:58:00 GMT
>>> I want to use parallel deployment as an easy way to allow existing

> >>> sessions to continue while redirecting new sessions to a "down for
> >>> temp maintenance page."

We use apache http in-front of tomcat. This allows us to do exactly this. We
route calls from apache through to tomcat normally using mod_jk, and then
when we want to perform an upgrade, we update apache config, graceful
restart of apache, and apache routes all traffic to holding page. This won't
give you the ability to leave existing sessions running until completion.

I think what pid was suggesting was that you have you app deployed as
app##01.war. Then when it becomes upgrade time, create a second war file
with only a holding page in it, and deploy this as app##02.war. Old session
will continue until they die, and all new sessions will be directed the 02
context. If this just sends to holding page, then you are done. When you are
ready, then roll out the proper app as app##03.war.

Personally I don't see what benefit this gives you. Does the upgrade perform
some kind of not backward compatible db change, surely you can just run app
v01 and app v02 side by side? What benefit does the holding page give you?


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