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From Marvin Addison <>
Subject Re: html meta http-equiv content-type not work ?
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 15:18:40 GMT
> I think you mean "any attempt to WRITE The RESPONSE".

I took some time to verify the effect I described,  Reading data from the request
body coerces the encoding as I claimed.  Simply swap the order of the
filter-mappings in web.xml and post some unicode data to see for
yourself.  If ConsumeRequestFilter appears before
CharacterEncodingFilter, the posted data will not be treated as UTF-8.

> Spring's filter only sets the /request/ encoding, not the response.

Looks like it sets response encoding when forceEncoding == true:

		if (this.encoding != null && (this.forceEncoding ||
request.getCharacterEncoding() == null)) {
			if (this.forceEncoding) {

(3.0.5 source)


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