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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Replying to Posts
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 17:31:16 GMT
2011/8/24 Donald Jolley <>:
> I'm very new to both Tomcat and the list.  Yesterday I initiated a thread
> entitled "Conditional Branch from Servlet to URL".  So far I have received 2
> thoughtful replies.  (Thank you very much.)  Suddenly I have discovered that
> I don't know how to reply to these posts.  I think that the problem is that
> I have a digest subscription and the digests seem to encapsulate the
> individual messages into a single message so that there is no way that I can
> respond to any particular given message within the digest.  I contacted the
> list owner and he said that if the mail client that I am using (gmail) does
> not present the messages individually he had no idea as to how one would
> respond to a particular message.  So, I am looking for suggestions.  Is my
> only choice to unsubscribe and re-resubscribe selecting the individual
> format rather than the digest format?  I would really like to avoid having
> list emails showing up individually in my inbox throughout the day.

1. Gmail automatically groups messages by their title,  so the
wouldn't appear as individual ones, but as threads.

2. I use filters. The filters automatically tag messages according to
mailing lists (and archive those mailing lists that I review
occasionally but do not want to see in my inbox).
If you expand the sender information for a message received from a
mailing list there usually is an underlined link that allows to
quickly set up a filter. Or you can filter by addressee.

3. You can subscribe both to digest and to non-digest forms if you
want to give it a try.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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