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From Jeffrey Janner <>
Subject RE: TC on Windows Server Core
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2011 14:00:47 GMT
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> From: André Warnier []
> Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 4:02 PM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Re: TC on Windows Server Core
> David kerber wrote:
> > Will TC run on a Windows Server Core installation?  For those of you
> not
> > familiar with that term, it's a windows server installation with no
> GUI,
> > and minimal other pieces.  The idea is a reduced disk, memory and cpu
> > footprint (rather Unix/Linux like).
> >
> One might be forgiven if one were to wonder why one would then not use
> a perfectly
> serviceable minimal Linux base then, no ?
> Once you take away the GUI, what is left that is so compelling about
> Windows Server ?
> And just by curiosity, what would be this resulting footprint then, as
> compared to a
> normal Windows Server ? (a link to some unbiased info would satisfy my
> curiosity too; what
> I could find about it on MSDN is not very explicit).

I couldn't say exactly what the difference would be, but I would think there'd be a significant
reduction in disk requirements, and certainly in memory used.  You don't have any of that
GUI software even on the disk to try to run it, only the binaries required for the roles you
define for the server.  Might have some issues installing 3rd party software -- have to do
everything in silent mode with setup scripts. 
As far as saving CPU cycles, how many does it really use keeping a login prompt up on the
screen 24/7?
Downside from a tomcat perspective that I can see, you miss out on the wonderful configuration
GUI from the Commons Daemon guys.  I've really grown to like that tool on my Windows platforms.

Overall, I can't see any reason Tomcat wouldn't run on it, but it might be extra work getting
it installed and set up.  But probably not much more than on Linux/Unix.

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