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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: TC on Windows Server Core
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2011 22:02:29 GMT
Stefan Mayr wrote:
> Am 24.08.2011 23:01, schrieb André Warnier:
>> David kerber wrote:
>>> Will TC run on a Windows Server Core installation? For those of you
>>> not familiar with that term, it's a windows server installation with
>>> no GUI, and minimal other pieces. The idea is a reduced disk, memory
>>> and cpu footprint (rather Unix/Linux like).
>> One might be forgiven if one were to wonder why one would then not use a
>> perfectly serviceable minimal Linux base then, no ?
>> Once you take away the GUI, what is left that is so compelling about
>> Windows Server ?
> I would say the very same reasons apply
> - reduced ressource utilization
> - less vulnerable
> - best tool for the job (if windows is your everyday OS)
> Not your favourite OS? s/windows/os_your_favorite_os/g. If you can 
> afford it there is an unlimited freedom of choice - but I guess this is 
> not the right list for os flame wars.
> Back to your question. I recommend to read 

> . It is a bit dated but lists an ugly pitfall: MSVCR71.dll is required 
> but not included. (don't know if this still applies)
> Also many 3rd party libraries use awt for some internal purpose and 
> expect a display (even on linux). So use java.awt.headless=true.

Just in case, my question was not purely academical, and not trying to start a flame.
We build small systems for specialised applications, running on disk-less, fan-less boxes

similar to the one here :
(don't know the supplier, but that's the box).
These things are economical, ecological (low-power, low-noise), very reliable (no moving 
parts), boot and do everything from an SSD device etc.. (*)
But they have a limited amount of RAM.
So far, we use a basic Linux install, on top of which we run whatever else we need.
But some customers are Windows-centric, so I was wondering if this W2008 Server Core would

be a solution in some cases.  My experience with Windows so far tells me that with less 
than 2 GB, one can't run Vista or Windows 7 with any level of performance, so that's why I

am curious about what is really meant here by "reduced memory and CPU footprint".
But I don't seem to find any specifics anywhere.
I think memory is really relevant when one talks about Java (and Tomcat).

(*) the only problem is : they are small, noiseless, they do not fit in a standard rack, 
they have no blinking lights etc.. so people tend to set them up on a windowsill and 
forget about what they do.

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