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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: HTTP Header requests for siteminder are not passing through ISAPI filter to Tomcat to Webfocus application.
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 08:41:04 GMT
On 16.08.2011 22:00, Lui, Christopher wrote:
> Hi - I'm trying to migrate my IBI Web Focus application to new servers with an upgraded
OS and the web focus application is not receiving the sitminder HTTP Header request through
the ISAPI filter through to Tomcat.
> Our server is setup with the following:
> *         Windows 2003
> *         IIS 6
> *         Tomcat 6.0
> *         isapi_redirect.dll version 1.2.31
> *         IBI Webfocus 7.6.2
> What is suppose to happen:
> The browser sends the request with its HTTP Request headers, the SiteMinder agent receives
this, processes the request and adds its HTTP Request header (sm-user). From here and then
its sent to the ISAPI filter, and from there to Tomcat and the WebFOCUS Client.
> Current Issue:
> HTTP headers are making it to IIS.  However, the headers are getting lost from IIS to
Tomcat through the Jakarta redirector.
>  The ISAPI filter traces do not show  any of these sm_user headers.
> We have looked at logs, reinstalled IIS, Web focus, Isapi filters, disabled siteminder
and even tried on another server but still the headers are not passed through the Isapi filter.
> We have been on support with IBI (Web focus), my SAs, Siteminder support, company IIS
support, and even Microsoft and no luck.
> Any advice would be
> My support group wanted to know an additional question  for Tomcat:
> *         Does Tomcat ISAPI redirector just redirect the "jsp" requests to Tomcat server
or would it actually pick up all the Headers (all the input parameters ) as part of the incoming
> *         Is there any tracing available that can be configured on this redirector which
would provide us with details like input parameters sent by Siteminder and so on ?

Before 1.2.31 there was some old CGI compat code, that forces all HTTP
headers t get converted to lower case and replaces underscores by dashes
in header names. The latter would change the header name "sm_user" to
"sm-user". You had both variants in your problem description, so I don't
know which one you actually use and expect to be forwarded. Starting
with 1.2.31 the default behavior should be to pass along the headers

(revision r920119).

Another restiction is on size: the original request including any
rqeeust header sbut excluding a possible request body needs to fit into
a single AJP packet, which is 8KB minus a few bytes by default.

There was a bug around header forwarding fixed in

(revision r1090965

which is part of version 1.2.32.

Additionally 1.2.32 fixed a bug in debug logging the forwarded headers.
Any header forwarded should be output on log level "debug" like

Forwarding request header NAME : VALUE



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