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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: AW: AW: Multiple Tomcat Servers connect to IIS
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2011 19:57:29 GMT
Alexander Diedler wrote:
> Hello,
> Yes thanks, with adding the vHost Name it works with one exception. 
> I cannot access the Manager App. I get a auth Window, the credentials are correct, but
I do not get into the Manager App.
> /manager=worker1
> /manager/*=worker1
> /docs=worker1
> /*=worker1
> /go/*=worker1
> /go=worker1
> /show/*=worker1
> # Mapping all URI which end with a common suffix:
> #*.jsp=worker1
> ##vHosts for Tomcat 7.0.19
> /*=worker2
> / *=worker2
> / /manager/*=worker2
> / /manager*=worker2
as Chris points out succintely, it looks like you are a bit confused and may be confusing

isapi_redirector.  When you say :

 > /manager/*=worker1

in a virtual host context, that means that isapi_redirector ignores the hostname part, and

is sending all requests for "/manager/*" to worker1.
But then later you say


which contradicts the above.


overlap.  There is no real reason for the second line, after the first.
So it's a bit hard to guess what isapi_redirector will do with all these superfluous and 
contradictory instructions.
And even worse, you say
 > /*=worker1
So it means that you are sending everything to worker1, leaving nothing for worker2.
One wonders how poor worker2 gets anything to do at all..
Get a cup of coffee, sit down and write down, on paper,
- which URLs you do /not/ want to go to Tomcat, but be processed locally by the httpd 
- for the URLs which /should/ go to Tomcat, which ones should go to tomcat1 and which 
should go to tomcat2
Then think that when you write
that also covers /abc, /abcd/, /xyz, /xyz/abc, etc...

If everything addressed to siteA should go to the tomcat "worker1", and everything 
addressed to siteB should go to the tomcat "worker2", then the following 2 lines in should be enough :


but then one wonders why you even use a front-end httpd.

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