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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: TC 6.0.20 Cleanup after application crash
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2011 08:36:27 GMT
You may want to check first which "keep alive" settings they have for the whole chain.
If one of them happened to be close to 15 minutes, that might be a strong hint.

Another tool is "netstat", to see exactly in which TCP state these persistent connections

find themselves in. (another bad sentence, just keeping in style here).

Dante Bell wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> I did indeed read and digest Mark's email and talked to the vendor about
> that issue. The stack trace on the old blog post is from the one Mark
> was helping out with (man, that was a really bad sentance!).
> This is a different issue :( I don't have a stack trace and I don't have
> access to the lab they are running these tests in. I've requested the
> stack traces when this happens, but haven't received those yet.
> Your question about 'crash' is valid and the explanation I received was
> that the load test application crashes. That's all I have at this time
> from them. I'm helping them from a dark, distant planet and only see the
> things they want me to see ;) Weirdly, it doesn't sound like TC is dead
> from what they are telling me, after 15 minutes it starts serving up db
> responses!
> Yes, they are using mod_jk.
> On 08/10/2011 12:55 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
>> Dante,
>> On 8/10/2011 11:57 AM, Dante Bell wrote:
>>> We are seeing that after an application crash (customized load
>>> tester with minimal error handling so it crashes often)
>> When you say "crash", do you mean you get a stack trace in the logs and
>> Tomcat stays up, or do you mean that you bring-down the JVM? If you
>> bring-down the JVM, what is the error that is occurring (check hs_*.txt
>> files laying around in the working directory for that)?
>>> that TC isn't releasing the connection for about 15 minutes.
>> If TC is truly dead, then it's not holding connections at all. That
>> would be the OS holding them.
>> What makes you think they are not being "released"? What counts as
>> "released"?
>>> I've reviewed some of the worker directives, but I'm really unsure as
>>> to which one or combination would shorten this interval
>>> significantly.
>> Does that mean you are using mod_jk/mod_proxy_ajp? Good to have that
>> kind of information.
>>> The Apache server still serves up static content, which makes me
>>> think that there isn't anything at the OS or Apache layer that is
>>> causing the connection to hang around (granted, this isn't an
>>> absolute and we are investigating these 2 components also).
>> So you're using Apache httpd, too. Also good to know.
>>> We've done some minor TCP/IP tuning in the Solaris stack, and that
>>> has helped with other issues regarding heavy loads.
>> On Solaris.
>>> If TC is the culprit, would we need to be setting the advanced
>>> connector directives such as:
>>> |recovery_options        |4: close the connection to Tomcat, if we
>>> detect an error when writing back the answer to the client (browser)
>> That depends upon what the errors actually are. Care to tell us about
>> them?
>>> PS. Configs can be found at:
>> Sigh. You should look into "template" workers.
>> Apache httpd MaxClients setting default is 256. <Connector> MaxThreads
>> is set to 750, so Tomcat should have almost 3 times more than you need.
>> Where do you see 750 stuck threads?
>> I looked at your thread dump. You clearly have not read Mark's previous
>> response on this list where he told you exactly what was happening: your
>> webapp is killing itself with these SingleThreadModel servlets. This is
>> not thread starvation due to configuration, this is thread starvation
>> due to a poorly-implemented web application.
>>> Apache:* Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 -- prefork with mpm *Tomcat:*
>>> 6.0.20 *JK Connector:* Same as whatever is bundled in with Apache 2.2
>>> (from customer) *Solaris* Solaris 10 10/09 s10s_u8wos_08a SPARC
>> Aah, here's all the configuration information. Description then context.
>> Not the best term paper I've ever read. :(
>> I think you mean "prefork MPM". Apache httpd does not bundle mod_jk.
>> Check your version.
>> -chris
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