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From Dave Filchak <>
Subject Application error after move of site
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 12:46:53 GMT

I had to switch hosts and one of the sites that I inherited is a tomcat
site. After the move most of the site is fine but on a number of links,
I get the following error:

Error reading properties file: Please check the following: 1. That you
have downloaded the JAXP (XML) API from JavaSoft and added the following
jars to your classpath: jaxp.jar,crimson.jar,xalan.jar 2. That you have
configured Tomcat with an initialization argument (in the web.xml file)
as such:<context-param>   <param-name>xmlprops</param-name>
<param-value>===PATH TO
DOCROOT===/WEB-INF/conf/environment.xml</param-value>   </context-param>
3. That the xml properties file actually exists in the directory
specified above.

*DETAILS FOLLOW:* java.lang.Exception: Environment not ready!

I have checked the web.xml file and it appears to me that the path to
the environment.xml file is correct. This then, would lead me to believe
that the JAXP API is not installed although, as I said, most of the site
works so you would think that the rest of the site would also throw this

So, having very little experience with tomcat ( but trying to learn ),
how do I install the items mentioned above, or check to see if they are
actually installed?


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