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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Deploying ROOT Context for variable .war filename
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 12:15:37 GMT
On 08/08/2011 13:11, jenskreidler wrote:
> First of all thanks for the rapid answers and your time!
> I think I did not describe the scenario correctly, so I do this now:
> Assume you have a tomcat 'multiple-instances' setup like this
> /srv/tomcat/instance-1/
> /srv/tomcat/instance-2/
> ...
> /srv/tomcat/instance-n/
> Every instance dir is a full tomcat "CATALINA_BASE" directory with 
> + instance-i
>   |
>   +- conf
>   +- logs
>   +- temp
>   +- webapps
>   +- work
> A continuous integration shell-script copies to any instance (1..n) a built
> .war-file whose filename-suffix varies on application, version, timestamp
> and build-id. The scripts copies the .war into the instance-i/webapps
> directory via cp over ssh in the intranet.
> My question is how to mount the .war-file 'dynamically' as the instance's
> root context application?
> Currently all .war builds have a fixed name, assume myapp-3.2.war, and all
> server.xml's in any instance-i/conf do have the section:
> <Context path="" docBase="myapp-3.2" />
> That way it is guaranteed, that the myapp-3.2.war is started up and mounted
> as the tomcat instances' root context.
> However, is it possible by a clever configuration, to deploy any
> war-filename to any instance-i/webapps directory, so that the war -
> regardless of its filename - is mounted at the instance's root context?

With the current code? No. This comes up often enough that an
enhancement along these lines is likely to be accepted *but* any
enhancement is going to have to be a) compatible with the current
options b) not re-introduce any of the problems with auto deployment
that the current implementation was designed to avoid.


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