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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6.0.32 ClientAbortException
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 17:52:21 GMT
On 04.08.2011 19:34, Alec Swan wrote:
> Hello,
> I agree that this is not a bug in Tomcat code, but I would appreciate
> any help with troubleshooting this.
> Let me tell you about our app. We have a thousands of Metro SOAP
> clients which hit our Tomcat server. Some SOAP HTTP requests take over
> an hour to process because queries take a very long time to execute in
> the database. The clients are configured to never timeout waiting on
> the server response.
> So, I can see the following possible causes of the Client Abort
> Exception logged by Tomcat:
> 1. The client drops its connection to the server - I would have
> expected the client to get some sort of offline exception and
> terminate the request. Instead, the client keeps waiting, so maybe
> this is not the problem.
> 2. Tomcat times out (our connectionTimeout is set to 600000) and
> somehow fails to write the response back.
> 3. Tomcat's DBCP connection pool times out
> Could anybody help us enable the right kind of logging to verify the
> last two possible causes? Can you think of any other ways to
> troubleshoot this?

If it is easily reproducible, you can sniff network traffic and see,
which side closes the connection.



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