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From <>
Subject Modular Deployment
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 10:44:39 GMT

I have an application which has a core app, some optional modules and config

Until now I deploy the app into /webapps (NOT as war-File), copy needed
optional modules into WEB-INF/classes or lib and maintain config files
outside of the tomcat directory by adding the config directory as an
additional root into tomcats classpath.

Config files are maintained outside of the webapp, because I do not want to
overwrite them while deploying a new version of the app.

What I want is:

* Deploy the core app as war-File into webapps (or somewhere else via a
* deploy optional needed modules as .class Files or jar's somewhere outside
tomcat but only visible to the core app
* deploy config Files somewhere outside tomcat but only visible to the core

A restart of the app after deployment is no problem (no OSGi or similar

Can I achieve this with tomcat 6?

How can I achieve this with tomcat 7 (should work with servlet 3.0)?

Thank you

P.S. maybe any better proposals? ;)

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