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From pushme <>
Subject About SSO between Apache2 and Tomcat...
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2011 11:30:28 GMT


so I had the brilliant idea to develop a web application using GWT
(basically javascript at the client which communicates over rpc with java
servlets) and embed it into a Joomla site. The servlets are running on
Tomcat behind an Apache2 webserver at which joomla is running. Now I need
some clarification about single sign on and how to achieve it between Apache
and Tomcat.
Here's what i'd like to do:
1. User authenticates against Joomla (running on Apache).
2. GWT (javascript) client side code queries the Joomla
userId/sessionId/orWhateverItsCalled and passes it to the servlets at each
rpc call.
3. The Servlet (running on Tomcat) asks Apache if the
userId/sessionId/orWhateverItsCalled-WhatsItCalledBTW? is still valid.
4. then Servlet continues or refuses...

The short question is how can this be achieved with as less effort as
possible? I.e. Does this setup make sense at all? and if so, how do i have
to setup Tomcat and Apache in order to allow a servlert (running on tomcat)
to query Apache if a given userId/sessionId/whatever is still valid?
I don't know if this is possible at all so any information is welcome.

Thanks for your support!
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