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Subject Re: Parallel deployment and session replication
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2011 07:13:06 GMT
Aristedes Maniatis <> wrote:

>I am an enthusiastic user of the new parallel deployment feature of
>tomcat 7. But I'm a little unclear about how it interacts with session

Each version of a webapp is treated as a separate webapp.

>If I have a cluster of tomcat instances:
>And they are all replicating sessions (say using SimpleTcpCluster).
>Then I want to upgrade, so I introduce more war files:
>Now, since these are effectively the same applications, they are all on
>the same multicast address and port. So I assume that sessions will now
>replicate between all 6 instances.

Nope. You have a three node cluster with two webapps deployed on each node with sessions replicating
within each cluster of three webapps but not between versions of the webapp.

>* Will the old instances ever shut down? That is, will the sessions
>ever die on the old instances if they are part of the session
>replication cluster?

Yes. They'll timeout normally. Note clustered sessions will take longer to completely timeout
to allow for replication delays around session expiry time.

>* Is parallel deployment only designed to work with sticky sessions?



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