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From Leo Donahue - PLANDEVX <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 7, isapi_redirect, IIS 7 - blank page
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2011 18:44:28 GMT
From: Douglas McGregor []
Subject: Tomcat 7, isapi_redirect, IIS 7 - blank page

Hi there,

I'm getting really desperate with this - I've been at it for about a couple
of months now and still no further forward.  The strange thing is that
this works absolutely fine in IIS 7.5 with Tomcat 7 on my laptop which runs
Windows 7, but is persistantly throwing a blank page on IIS 7 with Windows
Server 2008 - it
gives a blank page when I add the Handler Mapping in IIS, but just shows
source code when I delete the Handler Mapping.
I'm stumped with this.  I'll outline what I've done below - please note that
I've followed the documentation on the official Tomcat website to the letter
this is the HowTo documentation for connecting Tomcat to IIS.

1.      Installed Tomcat 7.0.18 in E:\Tomcat
2.      Created a directory named isapi in E:\Tomcat - so, E:\Tomcat\isapi
3.      Created an file in the same directory and
modified the paths
4.      Created and in
5.      Added content to and edited and as required
6.      Stop and Start the Tomcat Service

In the IIS Manager:

1.      Created a virtual directory called "jakarta" (without the quotes)
pointing to E:\Tomcat\isapi
2.      In IIS Home (in my case this is WEB-SERVER Home), clicked on ISAPI
and CGI Restrictions, clicked add - ISAPI Or CGI Path:
E:\Tomcat\isapi\isapi_redirect.dll; Description: Tomcat
3.      Clicked on my website, went to ISAPI Filters, clicked add - Filter
name: Tomcat; Executable: E:\Tomcat\isapi\isapi_redirect.dll
4.      Handler Mappings - Add Module Mapping - Request Path = *.jsp; Module
= IsapiModule; Executable = E:\Tomcat\isapi\isapi_redirect.dll; Name =
Tomcat; Request Restrictions > Access > Execute
5.      Restart IIS

# Configuration file for the Jakarta ISAPI Redirector

# The path to the ISAPI Redirector Extension, relative to the website
# This must be in a virtual directory with execute privileges

# Full path to the log file for the ISAPI Redirector

# Log level (debug, info, warn, error or trace)

# Full path to the file

# Full path to the file

# An entry that lists all the workers defined
# Entries that define the host and port associated with each of these

#example fragment

The "/examples/" work perfectly, but like I said .jsp pages on IIS give a
blank page.  I should say I've Googled for days and hours and not found
anything that fixes this.
I've asked on the official IIS forum, but they don't seem to be able to
help.  I really hope someone here can help me with this, I'm close to giving




Don't you have to set and allow a web service extension in IIS for the Jakarta?

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