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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: TOMCAT 64bit & 32BIT differences - URGENT
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 14:14:07 GMT
2011/7/7 saj-khan <>:
> Hi All,
> apologies if this question has been asked before.
> I need to know the main differences between 64 & 32bit tomcat for windows.
> Is the tomcat.exe and all associated files in the bin folder and lib folder
> trully compiled 64bit

If you compare content of *-windows-<arch>.zip files, you should note
that only two files differ between each of them:
  tomcat7.exe  - service runner
  tcnative-1.dll - Tomcat-Native (optional component, can be deleted)

They are loaded in the same process as JVM and thus have to use the
same CPU architecture.

Service configuration application (tomcat7w.exe) is 32-bit.
The rest of code is neutral to CPU architecture.

> or is the installer solely 64bit for installing onto 64bit OS? and the
> tomcat just uses which ever java you have installed to create its jvm?

On a 64-bit system you can install either 32-bit version or 64-bit one
 --  use the same as the version of Java that you installed.

Recent versions of Tomcat (more recent that ~6 months ago -- see
change log for details! ) have all three versions of (tomcat7.exe
tcnative-1.dll) packed within installer and will autoselect the one
that matches the JRE. You select the JRE during installation.

> i have been asked to change a set of servers from 32bit to 64bit for tomcat
> and java
> if it turns out that the java is the only thing i need ot change it will
> save me tons of work
> if the tomcat needs to be installed that nots a biggy as i can copy and
> paste the tomcat folder into the place of the existing and put back the conf
> and webapps folder so in theory this will allow me to work as if nothing
> changed....
> you answers on the 32-64bit is greatly appreciated!!

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