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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Problem with threads in stage Service (Tomcat 7.0.14)
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2011 07:41:04 GMT
Pid wrote:
> On 28/07/2011 20:07, Alejandro Henao González wrote:
>> I dont believe that have GC running all the time, but the GC is called in the above
line to HTMLEncoder.encode. as follows. 
>> System.gc(); 
>> resultado = htmlEncoder.encode(resultado); 
> Is 'htmlEncoder' a static field, an instance field or defined inside the
> method scope?
>> response.reset(); 
> Why are you resetting the response?
I'm not the real Java specialist here, but maybe one isn't really needed here.
The code above seems to suggest that this application is forcing a major garbage 
collection at every request (or more).  Is there a need to look anywhere else as to why 
this Tomcat is saturating the host's CPU and why threads are always suspended ?

(Philip already pointed this out, but maybe he wasn't forceful enough in making the point)

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