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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Finding user name without authentication
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 09:40:14 GMT
Vibhor Kumar Agarwal wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> Looking for an option to find the user name opening the web server portal.
> Don't want to authenticate via LDAP, NIS, etc.
> Does the web server know the login id of windows?

The way you phrase things above is self-contradictory, because

1) The /only/ way by which the webserver would know the user-id is by doing /some kind/ of
(Another way to say this : if the webserver does not do any kind of authentication, then
it does not know the user-id).

2) As authentication /method/, you can choose between different mechanisms :
- a login page
- ...
- Windows Domain authentication

3) If you want the webserver to authenticate the user by his Windows Domain login, then
you must use the last option above.
There are several ways of implementing this (*), and also pre-requisites for this to work
(for example, the webserver will generally need to be itself "inside the domain" to able
to do this kind of user authentication).

(*) Have a look at,
and also at (commercial).

Addendum :

In the above, I was assuming
a) that the webserver you are talking about is Tomcat
b) that you mean a configuration where Tomcat is accessed directly by the user browser (as

  opposed to a configuration where Tomcat is behind some other front-end system).

In case (b), there are also methods to authenticate the user at the front-end level, and 
pass this authentication to Tomcat inside each forwarded request.

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