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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat 7, isapi_redirect, IIS 7 - blank page
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2011 20:26:02 GMT
Leo Donahue - PLANDEVX wrote:
> ________________________________________
> From: André Warnier []
> Subject: Re: Tomcat 7, isapi_redirect, IIS 7 - blank page
> Leo Donahue - PLANDEVX wrote:
> ...
>> Don't you have to set and allow a web service extension in IIS for the Jakarta?
> But the OP says 'The "/examples/" work perfectly', ...
> *************************
> Yes, but I don't think we've seen any proof of that.  Servlets work but JSP's don't in
his situation?
It is to verify this, that I previously asked the OP to try the same JSP URL's to Tomcat 
directly, instead of going through IIS.

My currently unsubstantiated theory is that on his system :
- JSPs do not work at all. Calling up one results in an error at the Tomcat level (for 
whatever reason, such as what Mladen hinted at : permissions e.g.)
- but the configuration is such that IIS's and Tomcat's "document roots" are the same.
   That is a mistake, but it has the consequences that :
   - when the IIS-Tomcat proxying is not active (turned off), IIS can access these URLs 
directly.  Hence the fact that then, accessing a JSP returns the page in source form.
(And the OP did not explicitly say what happens in that case with the /examples/ servlets).
   - when the IIS-Tomcat proxying is active, requests for JSP's are forwarded to Tomcat 
(instead of being served directly by IIS).  In that case, an error occurs at the
Tomcat level, and is being returned via IIS.  But something (at the Tomcat or IIS
or browser level) causes this to appear as a blank page in the browser.

Of course, this theory is based on incomplete information, but it seems to fit the facts 
which we know so far.
Now if the OP next told us that JSPs work when called up from Tomcat directly, or if he 
told us that the /examples/ also work when the redirection is not active, then the theory

would need some serious revision.


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