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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: HANDLER THREAD PROBLEM: Stream broken
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2011 15:00:43 GMT
Petr Hracek wrote:
> Upgrading to the latest version of tomcat is not so easy on the customer side.
> It needs time therefore we have only tomcat 5.5 version. Under SLES10
> there is tomcat 5.5 version on the SLES11 there is tomcat 6 version.

Allright then, we all have similar customer cases.
And I guess that moving to tomcat 5.5 from tomcat 3.x can already be seen as a giant leap

forward (4 years behind instead of 7).  Keep it up and you may some day even catch up with

a current Tomcat version.

The problem with older Tomcat versions is like with old cars : as time passes, it becomes

more difficult and expensive to find the spare parts and the mechanics who know how to fix


> Dne 11. července 2011 15:56 Pid <> napsal(a):
>> On 11/07/2011 14:30, Petr Hracek wrote:
>>> It seems that after upgrading to tomcat5.5 all is working.
>>> But some times ps -ef or top shown me that java process is consuming
>>> 100% CPU usage
>>> Before that there was used tomcat 3.2.1 version
>>> JRE which was used was 1.4.2.
>> Right...
>> So again I'll point you to André's comment below...
>>>>> And, why would you be *developing* under Tomcat 5.5, which is two major
>>>>> versions behind the current Tomcat 7.x version ?
>> I'd really be looking at developing on Tomcat 6.0.latest at a minimum.
>> p

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