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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Uploading large files and session timeout
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2011 14:27:53 GMT
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On 7/9/2011 8:55 AM, Sai Pullabhotla wrote:
> I added the system property 
> org.apache.catalina.session.StandardSession.ACTIVITY_CHECK and set
> it to true, and it appears to be preventing the session timeout.

Glad to see it's working out for you.

> That's a good news. Some one told me that there might be some 
> performance issues, but I'm not sure how significant they are.

It was I who mentioned potential performance degradation. If you aren't
in a super-high-concurrency situation, I don't think you'll notice.

> The call to forward from the Servlet finishes in no time. However,
> it takes about minute by the time the browser renders this JSP. While
> the browser is waiting for the reply, the session is getting
> destroyed. My question is, what is taking so  long after the request
> is forwarded.

Take a thread dump. Or, multiple thread dumps during this one-minute
interval. They should tell the story.

> The code snippet we use to forward the request is -
> request.getRequestDispatcher("/MyJSP.jsp").forward(request, 
> response);
> I've a debug line before this call and after this call, they both
> get printed right one after the other with no delay, but the browser
> does not get anything back for about a minute.

This might be a keepalive timeout, or the JSP might not be flushing the
buffer or something like that.

> If I upload fairly small files, the browser gets the response back 
> almost right away. The delay in receiving the reply on large files
> is not new (or not caused by the new additional system property).

Does your code do anything after the forward() call above? If you have
clean-up code that, say, deletes the temporary files, etc. it's possible
that it is delaying the return from your servlet's service() method and
so Tomcat isn't indicating to the client that the transaction is complete.

You should put a log message just before your return (or just before the
end of the method if you have no returns in there) and see when that
gets printed. That will at least tell you if the delay is in your code
or elsewhere.

> Any ideas on what could be going on? Does Tomcat some how feeds (or 
> tries to) the whole multipart request (after it is consumed by the 
> Servlet) to the forwarded JSP?

The multipart request is still available to the JSP (because you used a
forward call) put it's already been parsed by the servlet so there
shouldn't be anything else to read.

> I doubt it because, I did not notice any temp files being created 
> where the request might have been cached. The memory usage was
> pretty low during the whole process so the request is definitely not
> cached in memory.

Tomcat does not cache anything at all in these cases... everything will
be done by your file-upload component. Time for more debugging. :)

- -chris
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