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From "eurotrans-Verlag" <>
Subject RE: NPE at StandardWrapperValve.invoke() in Tomcat 7.0.16
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 12:00:19 GMT
Hi Christopher,

> My experience with the Sun/Oracle compiler is that lines 288 and 289
> will never be indicated in a stack trace: the line number of the start
> of the statement is considered the line number for the entire
> statement.

Well, I made a small test program with this code:

String str = null;
        "blah" +

(note that the str.toLowerCase() which will throw a NPE is two lines below the System.out.println()
After compiling and running it with the Oracle Java 1.6.0_26, the line number printed was
the line with the "str.toLowerCase()", not the "System.out.println". So I assume the same
is true for the compiled Tomcat, thus I supposed that only container or the logger could be

> Problem solved?

Well, I don't know what the original problem was, so I don't know if it is solved. ;)
My concern at the moment is not the original exception that occurred, but the NPE that suppressed
that exception, because if it happens again, I will not able to see what was the original

As Pid said, it could have something to do with the old context which was still waiting for
a request to finish, and as I stated in the other message, I could reproduce a NPE, but in
StandardContextValve.invoke() (there "context" was null). But NPEs thrown are never good,
are they?


Konstantin Prei├čer

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